Taylor Travaglione

Taylor Travaglione

6600 Maynada Street, Miami. FL33146
Direct Phone: 8434220297
Email: taylor.travaglione@gmail.com
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About Taylor Travaglione

Taylor Travaglione personifies the new class of modern real estate professional by providing substantive knowledge about all aspects of real estate and full-fledged, elegant, and discreet service to his select clientele. 

Taylor's broad knowledge of the luxury market, consumer and design trends, the properties, and the many criteria involved throughout the transaction processes equates to a service unparalleled in the industry. 

As a seller's specialist, Taylor advises on marketing services that are both unique and effective, combining refined selling skills with marketing methods that fully embrace the digital age, enhancing the exposure of the property, and thereby maximizing price. His negotiating skills, while not intimidating, have produced the results that his clients expect. His clientele remains private thus the general investors profile aligns closest with multiple-dwelling owners sourcing beautifully deisgned homes throughout South Florida, New York City, The Hamptons & EU.  

As a buyer's specialist, Taylor's keen eye, listening skills, and attention to detail have kept his clientele unquestionably loyal. With eternal patience, he identifies his clients specific needs to match them to the best possible property, often identifying opportunities that go oft overlooked by his contemporaires. His services extend beyond the expected; his level of taste and his studied understanding of architecture and interior design, along with a broad knowledge of resources, have helped his family of clients appreciate the entire process, wire to wire.