The Greatest Home I Ever Sold

Great real estate agents are often incredible storytellers. They construct a world in which the prospective buyer is the protagonist of the story, and the home is simply a perfect extension of that character. They weave scenarios in which the buyer already lives in the home, enjoying a wonderful and successful life within those walls. Every room is a scene, every amenity a plot twist, and every closing is a dramatic flourish of victory and achievement.

But the REAL storytelling occurs among themselves. When agents gather to break bread, sip wine, or analyze their market, an interesting buyer or seller story is social currency – the coin of the realm. And the more successful the agent, the better the story.

The professionals featured on this page are all members of an elite network of South Florida real estate agents called the Master Brokers Forum. They are all seasoned veterans of boom and bust cycles, and have earned the unyielding respect of their peers. Three or four times each year, they are hosted by local developers and builders eager to showcase their properties to the very best agents. Master Brokers use this opportunity to not only network with each other, but to become educated about their community, industry, and technology.

Within these pages, Master Brokers will tell the stories of their greatest and most triumphant home sales. (Not always the biggest or most expensive.) They will share tales of overcoming incredible challenges, hysterical circumstances, and innumerable obstacles. For some, it may be the first home they sold; for others, it is always the last home they sold (or more accurately, the NEXT home they sell.)

Whatever the case, we hope you enjoy “The Greatest Home I Ever Sold”, and find this collection of stories to be interesting and inspiring.

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Al Arostegui: “My buyer, who only wanted trophy properties, decided she wanted to buy up an entire cul-de-sac street…”

Oscar J. Arellano: “…a small rental can lead to a much larger deal.”

Wanda Bee: “The home was everything they wanted and more. (I later went on to sell the house twice more.)”

Tere Bernace: “‘The “Greatest Home I Ever Sold’ was a home my partner and I sold THREE TIMES in less than four years!”

Elena Bluntzer: “Unbeknownst to them, both parties were within minutes of each other in Patagonia.”

Rosy Cancela: “I’ve always felt that good things happen when you least expect them, and this proved it for me.”

Penni Chasens: “…the dock broke and we all fell into the water.”

Sylvia Cherry: “‘Woodsong’…is an architectural gem. Named by prestigious Wallpaper Magazine as one of the ‘Ten Great Homes of the World.'”

Carlos Garcia: “The buyer turned up with the money and explained he had (earlier) loaned the money to his mistress, but could not say anything at closing in front of his wife.”

Fabian Garcia-Diaz: “A one-of-a-kind, custom-designed castle, complete with a moat full of sharks and indoor/outdoor swimming pools.”

Evan Goldman: “It was amazing to see…someone buy a $1 million dollar home without ever laying eyes on it.”

Hazel Goldman: “I walked in to show a house…and found the homeowner, a gentleman, standing stark naked in front of the stove cooking eggs in a frying pan.”

Bill Hernandez: “The sale…was important to show that buyers would be willing to spend big money on condos once again.”

Nancy Illiffe: “The sellers were so pleased they actually sent me a ‘thank you’ letter and an additional $1,500.00 check. MY FIRST TIP!”

Libby Klein: “A recent memorable purchase involved months of negotiations, tugging and pulling, giving and taking, and finally, an executed contract!”

Barbara Lamar: “The City of Key Biscayne has put the house on its tour.”

Howard Marcus: “In the future, avoid the use of the word ‘pristine.’ No resale is EVER ‘pristine.'”

Farid Moussallem: “I’m happy that my buyer believed in my opinion and ended purchasing the most beautiful house that money can buy in Miami Beach!”

Anne Platt: “My buyers fell in love. One large problem! No pets over 20 pounds were allowed! Their treasured German Sheppard must come…”

Marilyn C. Potts: “This seller will forever be in my memories because of the deep appreciation she expressed upon closing her short sale. I will never forget her gratitude.”

Melissa J. Rubin: “We all started to cry because she felt this was the sign to sell, as it was ‘meant to be.’ I still get teary when I think about it.”

Charlette Seidel: “Today, there is a little territory of France in our backyard!”

Ilene Tessler: “…not to mention the fact that I played in this house as a little girl growing up in Miami Beach.”

Judy Zeder: “…the home sold to one of Miami’s hottest celebrities in a decade.”